Where the hell is Zama.City?

Perhaps the most interestingly named community in Alberta; Zama City isn’t actually a city. Named after a Dene Tha’ Chief, Zama is home to about 150 permanent residents and bursts with seasonal workers.

About 85 km north of High Level on the Mackenzie Highway (Hwy 35) just past the community of Meander River, hang a left on the secondary road and travel the 63 km of high-grade gravel – partly paved Zama Access road. Zama City is Alberta’s most Northern community, and is right in the middle of the largest known oil and gas fields in Alberta, which is also the junction of the only pipeline from the Northwest Territories (Norman Wells).

Zama City is within the Bistcho Caribou Range and the closest community to the amazing Bistcho Lake, we are surrounded by wildlife and Boreal Forest and truly enjoy nature right in our backyard.

Life runs ‘round the clock’ in Zama but the ‘small-town’ atmosphere offers residents an off the grid feel with the convenience of grid amenities. Security, safety, privacy and freedom. For Zama residents, it’s all about a good day’s work, friendships and family.