Zamanites enjoy enjoy a simpler life, large lots, with more than affordable housing prices, basic amenities, great people, a lot more freedom than in larger centers, multiple home-schooling options with community supports, wide open spaces and more.

Living in Zama City is not for everyone. If the above appeals to you and you don’t require living down the street from a Starbucks, are somewhat self-sufficient, and like a little adventure … then maybe Zama City is the right place for you!

Commonwealth Freight delivers just about anything from quads to groceries that is not available locally. They have even been known to bring take-out Chinese Food! They deliver to Zama 5 days a week (not on holidays). We have Canada Post services, which is located at the Cornerstone building. A small store ‘The Patch’ located at Noralta which can cover you in a bind and partners with the Zama Recreation Society in our merchandise fundraising program. Bluewave Fuels has a cardlock that also has pay at the pump options.

We have better internet services than in many northern communities with options that are provided through Arrow Technologies or the Telus Hub works well here as well. Fibre-Optic is currently being installed through Arrow with a go-live date sometime in the late-spring of 2022.

Our small school Grade 1-9 closed a few years ago, and with that has opened up additional opportunities for home-schooling. Our region has some amazing supports and programs in the home-schooling realm. Contact the Fort Vermilion School Division for more information. The Zama Recreation Society along with the Zama Library does whatever it can to support our home-schooling families.

Municipal water and sewer supplied through Mackenzie County, and power through ATCO, natural gas availability as well as propane for home heating. Properties are at least an acre in size that range in size upwards of 10 acres, with the exception of the trailer court, the lots in this area are smaller. Mackenzie County is in the process of rezoning much of our community to allow for greater use in the areas of small ‘urban-farming’, such as livestock units based on a per acre. So if you have ever wanted to have a mini-homestead with a couple goats and a few chickens … Zama City would be a great choice!

Zama City has a Ambulance base which is our only local access to health services, all other medical services are located in High Level, which is about 1.5 hours to the south of us. The Zama Recreation Society partners with the High Level IDA Drug Store on a weekly prescription delivery service to the community. Policing also is provided by the High Level RCMP Detachment, although there is an active Community Watch program.

Video created in 2018 during Homecoming
Our Northwestern Communities. A little bit about the communities in the Mackenzie Region
Memorial Tree Program Initiation at Homecoming 2018

Zama City Library

Curl up by the fireplace and read a few pages of your favorite book, listen to that audio book you have been dying to finish, connect to WiFi and download your weekly free songs or just relax.

Enjoy the Massage Chair, book the carpet cleaner, borrow a set of snowshoes… so much more than your average Library!

‘The Gym’ Zama City

24/7 Fitness Facility. Contactless Memberships available. Contact the Zama Recreation Society or text the contact listed on the Gym Door

Strength and cardio equipment. Code door to allow ease of access. Building is Air Conditioned. Memberships available by the month or year.