Zamanites enjoy enjoy a simpler life, large lots, with more than affordable housing prices, basic amenities, great people, a lot more freedom than in larger centers, multiple home-schooling options with community supports, wide open spaces and more.

Living in Zama City is not for everyone, and some call those that do a little crazy.

Commonwealth Freight delivers just about anything that is not available local weekdays, we have Canada Post services, there is a small store ‘The Patch’ located at Noralta. Bluewave Fuels has a cardlock that also has pay at the pump options. We have better internet services than in many northern communities with options that are provided through Arrow Technologies or the Telus Hub works well here as well. Fibre-Optic is currently being installed through Arrow with a go-live date sometime in the late-spring of 2022.

Municipal water and sewer supplied through Mackenzie County, and power through ATCO, natural gas availability as well as propane for home heating. Properties are at least an acre in size that range in size upwards of 10 acres, with the exception of the trailer court, which lots are smaller.

Video created in 2018 during Homecoming
Our Northwestern Communities. A little bit about the communities in the Mackenzie Region
Memorial Tree Program Initiation at Homecoming 2018